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About Us.


Let’s End Hardship Today’s mission is to facilitate help in the most needed places around the world. Whether it’s hurricane relief in the Bahamas, building wells in Yemen, or personal fundraisers, we have a backbone of partners who we work with to help the marginalized cause that often go overlooked and underfunded.

How We Help

We partner with organizations around the world to ensure that your donation gets to those who need it most when they need it most.

  • Step 1: We receive your donation.
  • Step 2: Funds are distributed through our partners to the cause you chose.
  • Step 3: We document and verify all work being done with reports and photos.

Waiting for help through the govt or large NGOs is often a slow process riddled with red-tape. In order to get the aid to the recipients in a timely fashion, we leverage our fundraising means (time and money) to increase awareness and generate donations.

Example: A Bahamas daycare needs $5000 for new beds. Large NGOs may take months, whereas government aid may take years, if it comes through at all. In the meantime, the children’s needs are unanswered. With help from our media financing and advertising partners, we are able to quickly raise the money needed for the daycare and skip all the red tape.

With our use of social media marketing, we are able to leverage our advertising skills to quickly bring awareness to donors worldwide.

– Over $1M Raised in multiple projects in 2019 Alone

– We target proactive donors worldwide to help raise donations profitably as quickly as possible

– Over 5 years in direct response experience handling millions of dollars in advertising spend

– All campaigns are managed in house, never outsourced to contractors

– No upfront cost/risk for you to get started.


It's not just a donation. It's an investment in a people's future.

Let's End Hardship Today is looking to help women and children that are struggling to make it through another day across the world. Hundreds of women and children are dying from just not having basic necessities and we need your help to put an end to this.

We are simply a group of everyday individuals looking to help those who were not as privileged as we were.